May 8, 2021

The Looking for Content Droids, Margot Bloomstein and Give It Time Over a Cocktail Episode

The Looking for Content Droids, Margot Bloomstein and Give It Time Over a Cocktail Episode
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This week, "One to Watch, One Hit Wonder or Wonderwall" returns. As my co-host, Jeff Clark, is taking a week off, David McGuire, Creative Director and Co-Owner of Radix Communications, returns to the show to fill Jeff's virtual hot seat, and we discuss A.I. writing content.   

If you are into content marketing or strategy, then you will know or maybe should know this week's guest, Margot Bloomstein, internationally acclaimed speaker, author, and one of the most prominent voices in the content strategy industry. She’s the principal ofAppropriate, Inc., a brand and content strategy consultancy, and we discuss her new book Trustworthy: How the Smartest Brands Beat Cynicism and Bridge the Trust Gap.

We round off the week with a trip to the Rockstar CMO virtual bar, where I find my friend and content marketing guru Robert Rose, Chief Trouble Maker at The Content Advisory, who, over a cocktail, transports us away to discuss one marketing thought for the week. This week, we are allowing ourselves time to go from good to great.

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