The Rockstar CMO F'in' Marketing Podcast


Does the world need another f'in' marketing podcast?

Find out, with me Ian Truscott, for a podcast that serves as my excuse to chat with friends old and new that I've met through my marketing career, as a marketing leader, trusted advisor and analyst as we share some marketing street knowledge we've picked up along the way.

Ian is both a CMO and a student of marketing. Ever curious, he dives deep into the biggest issues facing CMOs and believes that B2B marketing can be so much better than it typically is. He also knows how to butter up his guests in a way that makes them feel appreciated and even more committed to sharing useful knowledge. - Drew Neisser - Chief Marketing Renegade

Your Host

I am a senior B2B marketing executive. I am considered to be a content marketing and product marketing expert, working with organizations looking to create their story, develop a strategy to tell it, and assemble the essential technology building blocks to make that happen.

Aside from being the founder and Chief Bottle Washer at Rockstar CMO, a web publication, podcast and marketing advisory firm. My day job is serving as the CMO at Spotler Group where I lead branding and positioning, best practice, centralised marketing services and providing subject matter expertise across the group and our private equity owners as they make further acquisitions.

As a technologist turned marketer, with two decades in the content management industry, I have a broad perspective. My diverse career has included C-suite leadership positions at leading marketing technology vendors, representing agencies, and my own firm as a trusted advisor to brands like American Express, Nasdaq, SAS, and 3M.

I am an experienced speaker, event facilitator, podcast host, former CTO and CMO, Director of The Content Management Professional Association, and is a regular columnist for the popular industry publication CMSWire.

Oh... and for a brief moment I was named as one of the “Top 20 martech influencers in the UK” by

Marketing Podcast Network

The Marketing Podcast Network is a collective of marketing and business-centric podcasts with a shared purpose to support one another with promotions, resources and revenue sharing.

In December 2021 Rockstar CMO FM were invited to join the The Marketing Podcast Network, led by digital marketing thought leader, influencer, author, speaker and podcast host Jason Falls