The Rockstar CMO F'in' Marketing Podcast


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Entertaining and Insightful

Rockstar CMO is a jam-packed marketing variety show that educates and informs. Don’t be fooled by the laid-back approach, it’s full of great content and insights from those who have been there-done that.

Very entertaining!

Love the guests and format. Love throwing bad marketing into the pool! -izzy

Love Rockstar CMO

Fortunate to not only be a listener to Ian’s podcast but also been a guest - really great conversation

Rock and Roll!

Paul Stanley and Ozzie Osbourne may have an issue with the title of this podcast, but I think it is spot on. Great insights in every fun and engaging episode. Three chords and the truth in every listen.


On-point, on-fire and fun to listen to! This is appointment listening.

Rock N Roll!

Podcasting since 2019, I love these frank conversations all about the marketing industry. This awesome show is a rocking round up of all things marketing. Crank it to 11!

I love everything about this show!

Where do I begin? I love Rockstar CMO. It’s a regular Saturday listen for me. Ian and Jeff have insightful back and forth conversations about the issues of the day, which in an of itself is a great pod. But then there’s a guest … sometimes two … with smarts to share. Then Robert Rose comes in and talks content over a cocktail? It’s like a variety show for marketers. Super smart. Great energy. Brilliant all the way around.

Ian's laugh is infectious and his insights are top notch

Ian knows his stuff hands down. His guests are on point and his jolly nature makes this show so much fun to listen to.

Ian really knows his stuff when it comes to modern marketing tech and techniques. His 'gang' of Jeff Clark and Robert Rose make the show a must-listen-to if you want to get a great view over the marketing landscape.