May 29, 2021

The Julie Defines Categories, Christina Del Villar Sways, and the Content at Scale Cocktail Episode

The Julie Defines Categories, Christina Del Villar Sways, and the Content at Scale Cocktail Episode
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You may remember Julie Ogilvie from episode 58, she is a former VP Principal Analyst for Forrester Research, and she returns for a dive into her marketing hits and pet peeves. 

My guest this week is Christina Del Villar who is a Silicon Valley marketing executive, consultant, and author who geeks out on helping companies transform, grow and scale. With 25 years of experience at Fortune 100 companies and more than 15 startups. Christina has developed go-to-market and marketing strategies for new product launches, acquisitions, and IPOs, particularly for high-growth companies. She leverages her experience and industry perspective to take them to the next level.

Christina’s GRIT Marketing Method focuses on helping marketing professionals to build smarter programs, be more efficient, grow revenue, and improve overall company performance. And we discuss her book, Sway: Implement the GRIT Marketing Method to Gain Influence & Drive Corporate Strategy, which is due out shortly.

My visit to the Rockstar CMO virtual bar this week finds my friend and content marketing guru Robert Rose, Chief Trouble Maker at The Content Advisory, thinking about how we create content at scale.

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