Aug. 20, 2022

The Jeff's in the Pool with A.I, Backstage with Leila Modarres, CMO Apexon and Robert Feels the Need for Communication Episode

The Jeff's in the Pool with A.I, Backstage with Leila Modarres, CMO Apexon and Robert Feels the Need for Communication Episode

This week Jeff Clark discusses a candidate for our portal to marketing to hell; A.I. We go backstage with Apexon's CMO Leila Modarres and in the virtual bar Robert Rose discusses content for sales over a Tom Cruise cocktail.

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In the Marketing Studio,  Ian Truscott and regular guest rockstar strategy advisor Jeff Clark, former Research Director at SiriusDecisions/Forrester review a nomination for the Rockstar CMO Swimming Pool from Tim Parkin from episode 117: "AI & algorithms are going to save you and replace marketing fundamentals”.

Ian goes backstage with Leila Modarres, CMO at Apexon, a digital-first technology services company. Leila oversees Apexon’s global branding and communications, covering everything from market positioning and awareness-building to employer branding and demand generation initiatives. As they discuss, Leila has pioneered a marketing-as-a-service approach and they also discuss attracting and retaining talent, especially the next generation of marketing rockstars.

Before Apexon, Leila headed marketing and launched Cumulus Networks, and was the VP of Marketing at DeviceAnywhere, establishing their category leadership and subsequent acquisition by Keynote Systems. Prior to that, Leila held key roles at emerging technology companies Virtual Iron (acquired by Oracle) and PanGo Networks (acquired by InnerWireless).

Leila has also created the award-winning YouTube channel DTV, where she interviews customers, partners, and other luminaries to profile their thought leadership and digital expertise. She regularly speaks at events and has received industry recognition for leadership, marketing best practices, and mentoring of female leaders. She was recognized as a Woman of Influence by Silicon Valley Business Journal in 2020.

Finally, we are transported away to the Rockstar virtual bar to join Robert Rose, Chief Trouble Maker at The Content Advisory. This week he is inspired by Top Gun and feels the need for conversation, as he encourages marketing and sales to talk to improve content strategy and create content about the content.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions on the topics we discuss, please let us know.



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