June 11, 2022

The Hard Soft Stuff of Martech, Melissa Moody, CMO of Gated and Asking Why Over a Cocktail Episode

The Hard Soft Stuff of Martech, Melissa Moody, CMO of Gated and Asking Why Over a Cocktail Episode

This week Jeff Clark talks about the hard soft stuff of marketing technology, our guest is Melissa Moody, Co-founder and Head of Marketing at Gated and over a cocktail Robert Rose has a different take on finding your why

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This week Ian Truscott and regular guest, rockstar strategy advisor Jeff Clark, former Research Director at SiriusDecisions/Forrester, discuss 5 soft spots when implementing marketing technology, with something special when Jeff chooses this week's tune.

Ian’s guest this week is Melissa Moody, Co-founder and Head of Marketing at Gated, a high-growth startup that reduces unwanted emails in your inbox and benefits charities. Melissa is a relentless advocate for user-first marketing and giving everyone the ability to focus, in an increasingly distracted world. Prior to Gated, Melissa spent 13 years at Google leading industry marketing and mobile web partnerships for some of the world's largest travel companies. Ian and Melissa talk about the Gated product that launched in March, her inspiration to choose marketing over teaching, her time at Google, and she has a fantastic nomination for the Rockstar CMO Swimming Pool.

Finally, Ian winds down the week in the Rockstar CMO virtual bar with Robert Rose, the Chief Trouble Maker at The Content Advisory and we are whisked away for a cocktail as Robert shares his take on finding your company why.




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