Aug. 21, 2021

The Firestarter, Maureen Blandford Unleashing B2B and a Gift with a Cocktail Episode

The Firestarter, Maureen Blandford Unleashing B2B and a Gift with a Cocktail Episode
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As Jeff is away, Ian shares a thought about planning and why marketing firefighters get the girls (or boys).

This week our guest is Maureen Blandford who has been obsessed with making B2B a rational place for more decades than she’d like to admit. A B2B agency owner in the US prior to moving client-side (and Europe) to lead marketing for tech companies on both sides of the Atlantic, Maureen is a tireless advocate for rooting out the nonsense and is devoted to closing the gaps between sales and marketing. Her most recent book was published in February 2021: Moats & Drawbridges | The Current State of B2B Cross-functional Insight Sharing.

Maureen is currently Managing Director at B2B Unleashed and explains why we need to be unleashed, in a fun, impassioned conversation and if we repeated some of the curse words in our Twitter feed, our ban on advertising on the platform would no doubt be lengthened.

Maureen shares her passion for B2B, bad demos, marketing to the searchers, or more importantly the "not searchers" and she has an excellent suggestion for the Rockstar CMO Swimming Pool.

We finish the week, in our usual haunt, the Rockstar CMO Virtual Bar, where we find Robert Rose, Chief Troublemaker at The Content Advisory who shares how we need to give our marketing gifts.

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