Oct. 24, 2020

Rockstar CMO FM #33: The Sabrina "The Wordpress Witch" Chevannes, Robert Rose, and a Cocktail Episode

Rockstar CMO FM #33: The Sabrina
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In this week's episode, Ian Truscott, Editor of Rockstar CMO, shares what's new in the publication, chats with Sabrina Chevannes, Founder & MD of Complex Creative, and again retires to the virtual Rockstar CMO bar, with content marketing guru Robert Rose for a cocktail and a chat.


Ian opens the virtual pages of the latest issue of Rockstar CMO and points us at The Life for Rent Issue as our house band of marketing writers and Rockstar CMOs discuss building their brands on the rented land of big tech social media channels or building an audience on something they own.

This week's interview is with Sabrina Chevannes, Founder & MD of Complex Creative, and she shares her experience of founding an agency, her background studying law and medicine, chess, managing an agency during a pandemic, and the age-old question - is WordPress a CMS?

Finally, Ian joins Robert Rose, Chief Trouble Maker at The Content Advisory in the Rockstar CMO bar for a cocktail and they discuss the leading questions in marketing and brand storytelling.




The wonderfulPiano Music is by Johnny Eastonshared under a creative commons license.


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