June 19, 2020

Rockstar CMO FM #15 - Meet Jane Scandurra and write for us with a cocktail

Rockstar CMO FM #15 - Meet Jane Scandurra and write for us with a cocktail
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In this episode, Ian Truscott, Founding Editor ofRockstar CMO, suggests something to take a look at from the pages of Rockstar CMO. He chats to Jane Scandurra, a senior marketing professional with more than three decades of experience working in technology, internet/online services, life sciences, and advertising and again joins Robert Rose for a cocktail.

This week Ian recommends you take a look at the Rockstar CMO Write For Us page and pitch an article idea, or recommend a Rockstar CMO you know, or a marketer or agency we need to get on The Tour Bus with so that he can take a break from all the spam.

The interview this week is withJane Scandurra, personal branding, social selling, and marketing expert. She’s an advisor and coach to many senior executives and shares some of her insights. As a native New Yorker, the conversation moves at quite a clip, and they cover being helpful, personal branding, social selling, employee engagement, finding your strengths, and being around at the birth of the Blue Man Group.

Finally, again Ian eases into the weekend with Robert Rose, Chief Trouble Maker at The Content Advisory, with a Friday cocktail and one marketing thought we should take away after a couple of cocktails with him.

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Piano Music by Johnny Easton Shared Under Creative Commons License