May 23, 2020

Rockstar CMO FM #11: Backstage, John Andrews, CEO, Photofy and a Cocktail

Rockstar CMO FM #11: Backstage, John Andrews, CEO, Photofy and a Cocktail
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In this episode, Ian Truscott, Founding Editor of Rockstar CMO, talks about a regular feature on Rockstar CMO, the Backstage Q&A, which is pretty much why we do what we do, to share marketing street knowledge from those doing it. We've learned an awful lot about the backstory of a successful CMO, from karaoke, climbing Kilimanjaro, selling cigarettes in the playground to a former life as an opera singer.

The interview this week is with John Andrews, CEO of Photofy, a mobile content creation platform used by individuals, enterprises, and small businesses to scale their influencer reach. Ian and John talk about Employee Content Creation (ECC). As John has a long career as a marketer, specifically in retail, they discuss his predictions for that industry as we recover from the crisis and, they discuss his nomination for the Rockstar CMO Swimming Pool - "Push Marketing.

Ian again joins Robert Rose, Chief Troublemaker, at The Content Advisory in our virtual bar. Ian asks Robert what he's drinking, and we are transported to New York, where he shares his #fridayconcoction, and we learn the one thing we would take from a conversation with Robert after a couple of his cocktails this week.


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Piano Music by Johnny Easton Shared Under Creative Commons License