Nov. 28, 2020

#38: The Dr. Bailey's Book, Raj Goodman Anand, Robert Rose and a Thankful Cocktail Episode

#38: The Dr. Bailey's Book, Raj Goodman Anand, Robert Rose and a Thankful Cocktail Episode
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In this week's episode, Ian Truscott, Editor ofRockstar CMO, joins Christine Bailey to dip into her new book. He chats to entrepreneur, investor, and content agency  founder Raj Goodman Anand and again retires to the virtual Rockstar CMO bar, with content marketing guru Robert Rose for a cocktail and a chat.


This week we have a doctor in the house, as Ian chats to Dr. Christine Bailey, the CMO at Valitor.  Christine is a previous guest of the show and regular contributor to Rockstar CMO, sharing her extensive experience in B2B marketing, including leading European marketing functions for Hewlett-Packard and Cisco Systems and several advisory boards.

Christine has a doctorate (DBA) in customer insight from Cranfield School of Management, Recently Christine has added author to her list of achievements, publishing Customer Insight Strategies, How to Understand Your Audience and Create Remarkable Marketing that Ian and Christine dip into, for part 1 of a 4 part conversation.

Ian also chats with Raj Goodman Anand, the founder of Goodman Lantern, who provide marketing content writing services that help businesses sell better and grow faster. An engineer by profession, Raj has founded three startups, raised capital, and taken one venture from zero to acquisition. 

In 2007 Raj won Business Week’s Europe’s Young Entrepreneur. In 2009 was named in Revolution Magazine’s 50 Most Influential People in Digital. He has spoken at various venues, including the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, British Library, and several universities, including LSE. Raj and his entrepreneurial ventures have had coverage in The Telegraph, Guardian, BusinessWeek, and Observer. And now, of course, Rockstar CMO!

Finally, Ian joins Robert Rose, Chief Trouble Maker at The Content Advisory in the Rockstar CMO bar for a Thanksgiving cocktail.




The wonderfulPiano Music is by Johnny Eastonshared under a creative commons license.

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