Nov. 14, 2020

#36: The Being Intentional, Dennis Shiao, Robert Rose, and a Cocktail Episode

#36: The Being Intentional, Dennis Shiao, Robert Rose, and a Cocktail Episode
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In this week's episode, Ian Truscott, Editor of Rockstar CMO, quotes Seth Godin, chats to Rockstar CMO regular Dennis Shiao and again retires to the virtual Rockstar CMO bar, with content marketing guru Robert Rose for a cocktail and a chat.


This week Ian Truscott shares what he learned from the Marketing Book podcast by Douglas Burdett who recently interviewed Seth Godin. In that interview, they discuss his latest book, The Practice, being intentional and designing with purpose, and Ian shares what that means for him in content marketing.

In keeping with this month's theme on of building brands on rented land, this week's interview is with Dennis Shiao, a marketing consultant, and a regular contributor to Rockstar CMO and they discuss how he is building a content marketing community.

Finally, Ian joins Robert Rose, Chief Trouble Maker at The Content Advisory in the Rockstar CMO bar for a cocktail, and they discuss that you don't need to run faster than a bear; you need to run faster than the friend you are with.



The wonderfulPiano Music is by Johnny Eastonshared under a creative commons license.


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