April 16, 2022

#110 The Jeff Walks Like An Egyptian, Chris Smith Shares The Conversion Code and Robert is Managing Up with a Cocktail Episode

#110 The Jeff Walks Like An Egyptian, Chris Smith Shares The Conversion Code and Robert is Managing Up with a Cocktail Episode

Jeff Clark is inspired by the pyramids in storytelling, author and agency founder Chris Smith talks about his book The Conversion Code and Robert Rose shares his advice for managing up over a cocktail in the virtual bar.

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This week our resident marketing sage Jeff Clark, former Research Director at SiriusDecisions/Forrester, brings another book to the Rockstar CMO penthouse as we dip into another classic, "The Pyramid Principle” by Barbara Minto. He and Ian Truscott discuss this structure and approach to storytelling, whether for an email or your content strategy.

Ian's guest this week is Chris Smith. Chris is the co-founder of Curaytor, a US real estate marketing solution that helps listing agents attract more listings and the author of The Conversion Code, a fabulous book that is taught at colleges like Johns Hopkins University, the second edition of which is out shortly.

Unlike some theoretical marketers, Chris has drunk his own champagne and used the blueprint he shares in his book to quickly grow his own company to eight figures in annual recurring revenue without raising any venture capital. His work has been featured in Adweek, Forbes, Fortune, and many other publications, and he has been a guest lecturer at NYU. In an enjoyable interview, they discuss the practical tips in the book, and Chris has an excellent nomination for the Rockstar CMO Swimming Pool, our portal to marketing hell.

Finally, Ian winds down the week with his content marketing guru, Robert Rose, the Chief Trouble Maker at The Content Advisory who transports the Rockstar CMO virtual bar to a fabulous location for a cocktail to discuss the challenge of managing up.



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