April 1, 2023

The Metrics, Butt Cracks and a Cocktail of Thought Leadership Episode

The Metrics, Butt Cracks and a Cocktail of Thought Leadership Episode

This week Jeff Clark steps us though his process to create metrics, we go backstage with Brittany Murphy of One Thing Marketing and Robert Rose shares thoughts on thought leadership in the virtual bar

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This week Jeff Clark (our resident Rockstar CMO Strategic Advisor and former Research Director at Forrester) is back in the Marketing Studio. Following his conversation with Ian last weekabout OKRs, he takes us through his five principles for creating marketing goals and metrics.

Ian then goes backstage with Brittany Murphy, Marketing Director at One Thing Marketing, where she focuses on helping home service business owners get their phones to ring with new leads. 

As you’ll hear in this fun conversation, Brittany grew up in the trades herself, and her team have found their niche, specialising in trade and home service businesses, perfecting a proven process and strategy for optimising clients’ websites and Google rankings. Through a combination of these strategies, her background in blue-collar, and her experienced team, Brittany has helped local businesses increase their revenue by at least 30% year after year. They discuss her career, her agency, how she developed the business (with a lot of coffee) and the value of finding your ideal customer and specialising as an agency.

Finally, we wind down the week in the Rockstar CMO virtual bar with Robert Rose, Chief Troublemaker at The Content Advisory, who, over a cocktail, shares some advice on publishing your thought leadership.


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