May 22, 2021

The Marketing Orchestration, Misia Tramp and a Neighborly Cocktail Episode

The Marketing Orchestration, Misia Tramp and a Neighborly Cocktail Episode
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This week, Jeff Clark, Rockstar CMO Advisor, and former Research Director at SiriusDecisions/Forrester returns to join me for "One to Watch, One Hit Wonder or Wonderwall" to discuss marketing orchestration, inspired by a tweet. Is it a hit or a miss? 

This week’s guest is Misia Tramp, VP Strategy & Insight at Metia. A British-born, Seattle adoptee, Misia is a 20-year veteran of using data to drive strategy and innovation, I’ve known Misia for a decade she is my go-to expert on such things.

Misia is a successful entrepreneur and was one of the early adopters of gaining insight through social data, helping organizations become data-led – since the dawn of these platforms – when her researcher instincts were quickly alerted to the value of what we are all sharing.

Misia has advised them all, from big corporates to non-profits, and has a career built on studying the trends we see playing out in the media today and today she shares her insight into how to measure content marketing.

My visit to the Rockstar CMO virtual bar this week finds my friend and content marketing guru Robert Rose, Chief Trouble Maker at The Content Advisory, feeling neighborly over a cocktail and we discuss measurement and some new research from the Content Marketing Institute.

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The wonderfulPiano Music is by Johnny Eastonshared under a creative commons license.

Robert RoseProfile Photo

Robert Rose

Chief Troublemaker, The Content Advisory

For more than 25 years, Robert has helped enterprise marketing leaders tell their brand’s story more effectively through digital media. As the Founder of The Content Advisory, Robert has worked with more than 500 companies, including 15 of the Fortune 100. In this capacity, he has advised these business leaders on how to optimize marketing operations to build experiences that customers fall in love with.
His focus is on helping build and implements operational excellence for the people, process, and technologies of strategic enterprise content. He’s provided strategic advice and counsel for global brands such as Salesforce, Capital One, NASA, Dell, McCormick Spices, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. His firm, The Content Advisory, is the exclusive education and consulting group for The Content Marketing Institute.

Jeff ClarkProfile Photo

Jeff Clark

Rockstar CMO Advisor

Jeff Clark is a creative marketing executive with over 30 years of experience running corporate and product marketing teams at profitable, enterprise software companies and small start-ups.

Most recently, he was the principal analyst for Marketing Operations at Forrester SiriusDecisions, where he helped clients to improve planning and execution processes, including the adoption of integrated campaign strategies, martech optimization, and agile marketing to better align teams and improve outcomes.