Sept. 19, 2020

Rockstar CMO FM #28 The Sample, Paige O'Neill, Robert Rose, and a Cocktail Episode

Rockstar CMO FM #28 The Sample, Paige O'Neill, Robert Rose, and a Cocktail Episode
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In this episode, Ian Truscott, Editor of Rockstar CMO, plays a sample, chats to Paige O'Neill, the CMO of Sitecore, and retires for the evening with a cocktail with Robert Rose.


This week's dip into the virtual pages of Rockstar CMO features The Sample, a regular series where we spin the dial on the interwebs and sample what we hear based on the theme for this month's issue. 

The theme this month was the blurry lines between work, home, and social media, and for The Sample, we found some gems on this topic from Andrew Birmingham on, John Nemo (a LinkedIn classic from 2014), Mike Robbins writing for The Greater Good Science Center, and some grown-up research and articleon what to wear for Zoom calls from the Harvard Business Review of all people. 

This week's interview is with Paige O'Neill, the CMO of Sitecore, a digital experience platform highly rated by industry analysts. We hear about her journey to the marketing top job, what tune gets her Monday morning mojo working, and what she would chuck into the Rockstar CMO Swimming Pool.  

Finally, we are back in the virtual Rockstar CMO bar, where Robert Rose tries to guide Ian through making a new cocktail, and they discuss the wants and needs of buyers.




The wonderfulPiano Music is by Johnny Eastonshared under a creative commons license


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