May 29, 2020

Rockstar CMO FM #12 - Meet Detroit Andy, get to Basecamp and have a cocktail

Rockstar CMO FM #12 - Meet Detroit Andy, get to Basecamp and have a cocktail
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In this episode, Ian Truscott, Founding Editor of Rockstar CMO, suggests one thing we should take a look at from the latest issue. He chats to the new Head of Marketing at Basecamp Andy Didorosi. And, takes a trip to the bar with The Chief Troublemaker at The Content Advisory, Robert Rose.

The article featured this week is by Ted Rubin, which encourages us to use the current crisis to hit the reset button and shares some great examples where retail can use this to improve the relationship with their customer.

We hear how Basecamp, after 20 years in business, hired Andy Didorosi to head up marketing. In chatting to him, we learn about his approach of marketing without a playbook, his view on not using big tech, and label him a "petrol head" for his love of motorcycles, racing cars, and starting the Detroit Bus Company. And, of course, what he would throw into the Rockstar CMO Swimming Pool.

Robert Rose whisks us away with one of his famous Friday concoctions and leaves us tottering around Zwolle in the Netherlands with one thought to take back to our hotel.



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Piano Music by Johnny Easton Shared Under Creative Commons License