April 2, 2022

#108 - The Journeys with Jeff, Tim Hines the Marketing Starter and Robert Unlocks Expertise over a Cocktail Episode

#108 - The Journeys with Jeff, Tim Hines the Marketing Starter and Robert Unlocks Expertise over a Cocktail Episode

Ian Truscott and Jeff Clark discuss five different B2B buyers models, Ian's guest is the Marketing Starter Tim Hines and Robert Rose shares how to unlock content from your experts..

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This week our host Ian Truscott and regular guest Jeff Clark, former Research Director at SiriusDecisions/Forrester and sought after marketing strategy advisor, are inspired by listener Irene Nehrkorn-Kayn to talk about buying journey models including Gartner, AIDA Forrester and the Pedowitz Group.

Ian's guest this week is Tim Hines, a.k.a. The Marketing Starter, an author, podcast show host, keynote speaker, and consultant who shows people how to harness the power of the entrepreneurial spirit to accel in all that they do.

Tim specializes in developing omnichannel marketing programs within a variety of industries and partnering with startups to get their dreams off the ground. With nearly 20 years of experience, Tim has developed strategic marketing initiatives with a multitude of clients, including Dialpad, Tribune Media, Ticketmaster, and as you will hear, the CIA!

Ian then winds down the week with his content marketing guru, Robert Rose, the Chief Trouble Maker at The Content Advisory. Over a cocktail, Robert talks about getting to that all-important content from your subject matter experts (SMEs).




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